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PT provider
PT provider LabPT LabPT
Based in Turkey
Language(s) Turkish, English
Product groups Human test material
Testing fields Medical analysis
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Human Serum FT3 Immunoassay
FT4 Immunoassay
T3 Total Immunoassay
T4 Total (thyroxine) Immunoassay
TSH Immunoassay
Beta-HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) Immunoassay
Vitamin B12 Immunoassay
Folic Acid Immunoassay
Iron Spectrophotometry
iron binding capacity Spectrophotometry
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Immunoassay
Ferritin Immunoassay
LH Immunoassay
FSH Immunoassay
Estradiol Immunoassay
Progesterone Immunoassay
Prolactin Immunoassay
Cortisol Immunoassay
Insulin Immunoassay
Testosterone (total) Immunoassay
17-Hydroxyprogesterone Immunoassay
Vitamin D Immunoassay
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Turkey, middle east countries, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Balkan countries
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims
Number of participants 150
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party
Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee 200 Euro
Regularly operated Yes (4 times per year)
Year of first operation 2008
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Tunali Hilmi Cad. No: 95 Kavaklidere

Phone: +90 530 617 02 88
Fax: +90 312 428 22 48
Web: http://www.labpt.com.tr http://www.labpt.com.tr
Dr. Murat Oktem
Phone: +90 530 773 01 47
Email: murat@duzen.com.tr murat@duzen.com.tr
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Turkey, Mr. Kazım Cantürk. Mr. Kazım Cantürk.
Any questions or problems? Please contact us at eptis@bam.de.
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