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How to search a PT scheme

You may search with simple keywords or with filters, or both. You will find a list with the best matches on top.

Here some very helpful tips:

  • Language: use English keywords (Example: use water instead of agua)
  • Spelling: add alternative keywords to your query (Example: color colour textile or polychlorinated biphenyl PCB aroclor)
  • Plurals: doesn't matter (Example: a query for oil yields results for oil and oils)
  • Logic: you may connect your query keywords with OR, AND, NOT. By default we use OR (Example: a query for olive oil is the same as for olive OR oil)
  • Wildcard: Use the wildcard * in front of or behind a keyword, or both (Example: a query for allerg* will yield allergy, allergies, allergic, allergenic)

How to search a PT provider or a database user

(only available for specific users)

This works different from the PT query. Just enter a keyword, e.g. a part of the name and search.

Any questions or problems? Please contact us at eptis@bam.de.
Application version: 1.21