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Microbiological proficiency testing for detection and/or enumeration of microorganisms in foods

[Sammenlignende laboratorieprøvinger (SLP) innen mikrobiologiske analyser i mat]

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PT provider
PT provider Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Norway AS (Moss) Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Norway AS (Moss)
Based in Norway
Language(s) English/Norwegian
Remarks Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Norway AS has been running proficiency testing programs in microbiology for over 20 years. We offer accredited proficiency testing programs for food and water microbiology for hundreds of laboratories around the world. The food microbiology samples consist of three types; non-pathogenic samples, pathogenic samples and samples containing Vibrio/Campylobacter.
Product groups Food and drink
Testing fields Microbiology
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Foodstuffs Escherichia coli Pour plate method
Staphylococcus aureus Spread plate method
Salmonella Enrichment and plating
Rapid methods
Yeast Spread plate method
Aerobic plate count Pour plate method
Enterococci Spread plate method
Lactic acid bacteria Spread plate method
Coliforms, thermotolerant Pour plate method
Bacillus cereus Spread plate method
Microorganisms, contaminating IDF 153
Escherichia coli O157: H7 Enrichment and plating
Rapid methods
Staphylococci, Coagulase-positive Spread plate method
Coliforms Pour plate method
Clostridium perfringens Pour plate method
Mould Spread plate method
Sulphite-reducing bacteria Pour plate method
Listeria Monocytogenes, qualitative Enrichment and plating
Rapid methods
Listeria Monocytogenes, quantitative Spread plate method
Campylobacter Enrichment and plating
Rapid methods
Vibrio Enrichment and plating
Enterobacteriaceae Pour plate method
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants
Linked to specific legislation / standards Chosen by participants but usually from IDF, NMKL, ISO, etc.
Additional, subsidiary aims validation of testing methods
Number of participants
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by Norwegian Accreditation on the basis of ISO 17043

Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee Minimum 5 102 NOK
Regularly operated Yes (4 times per year)
Year of first operation 1993
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Norway AS (Moss)
Møllebakken 50
1538 MOSS

Phone: +47-94 50 41 82
Fax: +47-21 57 52 06
Web: http://www.eurofins.no http://www.eurofins.no
Ms. Therese Lundberg
Phone: +47-94 50 41 82
Email: pt001@eurofins.no pt001@eurofins.no
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Norway, Mr Ivar Martin Dahl. Mr Ivar Martin Dahl.
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