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Environmental testing (Vibration /Shock) / Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

[Umweltsimulation (Vibration / Schock) / Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV)]

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PT provider
PT provider DRRR - Deutsches Referenzbüro für Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien GmbH DRRR - Deutsches Referenzbüro für Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien GmbH
Based in Germany
Language(s) German/English
Product groups Aircraft and space vehicles
Electrical / electronical devices
Laboratory / scientific equipment
Military equipment
Railway equipment
Road vehicles
Telecommunication equipment
Testing fields Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic radiation
Electrotechnics / electronics
Environmental conditions
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Metallic specimen with unknown dynamic behavior Environmental testing -
Vibration (sinusoidal) IEC 60068-2-6
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration (broadband random) IEC 60068-2-64
EMC test object (tabletop unit) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) -
Block I - Radiated Emission: -
Emission of Radio Frequency Energy ABD0100.1.2 (Kap. 3.4.5)
RTCA DO-160 (Kap. 21)
Radiated Emissions – Electric Field MIL-STD461 (RE102)
AECTP 500 (NRE02)
Measurement of radiated emissions VG95373-12 (SA04G)
Radiated emission DNV-CG-0339 (Kap. 14.11)
Electromagnetic field (E-Field) IACS E10 (No. 19)
Radiated emission (E-Field) Lloyd's Register No. 1 (Kap. 29)
Radiated emissions assemblies - Anechoic chamber CISPR 25
Broadband electromagnetic interference (ESA) UN ECE R10 (6.5)
Narrowband electromagnetic interference (ESA) UN ECE R10 (6.6)
Radio compatibility - Measurement on devices EMV06 (Anhang E)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) -
Block II - Radiated Susceptibility: -
Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated) ABD0100.1.2 (Kap. 3.3.3)
RTCA DO-160 (Kap. 20)
Radiated susceptibility - electric field MIL-STD461 (RS103)
AECTP 500 (NRS02)
Immunity to radiated disturbances VG95373-12 (SF03G)
Radiated electromagnetic field immunity DNV-CG-0339 (Kap. 14.8)
Immunity to Radiated Radio Frequency Fields IACS E10 (No. 14)
Lloyd's Register No. 1 (Kap. 24)
Electrical disturbances - Absorber-lined shielded enclosure ISO 11452-2
Immunity (ESA) - electromagnetic radiation - free field UN ECE R10 (6.8)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) -
Block III - Radiated Emission / Radiated Susceptibility: -
Conducted disturbance CISPR 16-2-1 / EN 55016-2-1
Radiated disturbance CISPR 16-2-3 / EN 55016-2-3
Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC 61000-4-2
Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-3
Electrical fast transient immunity IEC 61000-4-4
Surge immunity IEC 61000-4-5
Immunity to conducted disturbances (radiofrequency fields) IEC 61000-4-6
Power frequency magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-8
Impulse magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-9
Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity IEC 61000-4-10
Voltage dips, short interruptions, voltage variations immunity IEC 61000-4-11
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Aerospace - Automotive / Automobile - Military - Shipping - Railroad / rail vehicles
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims validation of testing methods
Number of participants Depending on the test method between 7-20 laboratories
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party
Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee Depending on test method (please contact us)
Regularly operated Yes (annually)
Year of first operation 2022
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
DRRR - Deutsches Referenzbüro für Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien GmbH
Bodmanstraße 4
87435 Kempten

Phone: +49 (0) 831/960 8780
Fax: +49 (0) 831/960 87899
Web: http://www.drrr.de/ http://www.drrr.de/
Mr. Thorsten Helbig
Phone: +49 (0) 831/960 878-77
Fax: +49 (0) 831/960 878-99
Email: thorsten.helbig@drrr.de thorsten.helbig@drrr.de
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Germany, Mr Johannes van de Kreeke. Mr Johannes van de Kreeke.
Any questions or problems? Please contact us at eptis@bam.de.
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