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Soil Classification and Compaction

[Soil Classification and Compaction ]

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PT provider
PT provider AASHTO re:source AASHTO re:source
Based in United States
Language(s) English
Product groups Building and construction
Civil engineering (roads etc)
Testing fields Materials evaluation
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Soil Classification and Compaction Particle Size Analysis of Soils by Hydrometer AASHTO T88 or ASTM D422
ASTM D7928
Determining the Liquid Limit of Soils AASHTO T89 or ASTM D4318
Determining the Plastic Limit of Soils AASHTO T90 or ASTM D4318
Determining Shrinkage Factors of Soils - Water Submersion Method (Wax) ASTM D4943
Moisture Density Relationship Using a Standard Rammer (Standard Proctor) AASHTO T99 or ASTM D698
Moisture Density Relationship Using a Modified Rammer (Modified Proctor) AASHTO T180 or ASTM D1557
Specific Gravity or Relative Density of Soils AASHTO T100 or ASTM D854
Determining Minimum Soil Resistivity AASHTO T288 or ASTM G187
Determining pH of Soils for Use in Corrosion Testing AASHTO T289
Determining pH of Soils ASTM D4972
Determining Water-Soluble Sulfate Ion Content in Soil AASHTO T290
Determining Water-Soluble Chloride Ion Content in Soil AASHTO T291
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Construction Materials Testing Laboratories, Agencies, Universities / No restrictions on location of particpants.
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims validation of testing methods
Number of participants 1900
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by A2LA on the basis of lSO IEC 17043


Operation is commissioned / requested by No
Fees and frequency
Participation fee View AASHTO re:source website: www.aashtoresource.org/psp/fees
Regularly operated Yes (Annual )
Year of first operation 1965
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
AASHTO re:source
4441 Buckeystown Pike Suite A
United States

Phone: 240-436-4900
Fax: 240-436-4899
Web: http://www.aashtoresource.org http://www.aashtoresource.org
Program Manager John Malusky
Phone: 240-436-4825
Fax: 240-436-4899
Email: jmalusky@aashtoresource.org jmalusky@aashtoresource.org
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