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Taha Giyim Laboratory PT Plan-2019

[Taha Giyim Laboratuvarı 2019 yılı YT Planı]

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PT provider
PT provider Taha Giyim Laboratory Taha Giyim Laboratory
Based in Turkey
Language(s) English
Remarks Textile, fastness, physical, analytical tests
Product groups Consumer products
Glass and ceramics
Textile and clothing
Testing fields Analytical chemistry
Materials evaluation
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Textile fabrics Color Fastness to Artifical Light ISO 105 B02
Color fastness to washing ISO 105 C06:2010
Color Fastness To Sea Water ISO 105 E02:2013
Color fastness to water ISO 105 E01:2013
Color Fastness to Perspiration ISO 105 E04:2013
Color fastness to rubbing ISO 105 X12:2016
Color Fastness to Hot ironing ISO 105 X11
Color Fastness to Light with Perspiration ISO 105 B07
Color Fastness to Oxidative Bleaching ISO 105 C09
Color Fastness to Phenolic Yellowing ISO 105 X18
Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering ISO 105 B04
Color fastness to Saliva DIN 53160-1
Cross Staining Test -
Corrosion resistance ISO 22775
Color Fastness to Dry Heat ISO 105 P01
Color Fastness to Chlorinated Water ISO 105 E03
Color Fastness to Washing-Button Samples -
Color fastness to rubbing ISO 11640 :2012
Dimensional Change After Domestic Washing and Drying ISO 6330
Pilling properties - Pilling box ISO 12945-1
Spirality after laundering ISO 16322-1
Determination of Abrasion Resistance (Method A) ISO 12947-2
Determination of Mass per Unit Area ISO 3801
Tensile properties of fabrics- Part 2: Determination of maximum force using the grab method ISO 13934-2:2014
Tear Strength ISO 13937-1
Bursting properties of fabrics -bursting strength and bursting distension ISO 13938-2
Slippage resistance of yarns at a seam in woven fabrics ISO 13936-1
Water penetration ISO 811
Surface wettin-Spray test ISO 4920
Elasticity of Fabrics EN 14704-1
Pilling properties - Martindale ISO 12945-2
Number of yarns BS EN 1049-2
Determination of Maximum Force to Seam Rupture Using the Grab Method ISO 13935-2
Determination of the Elasticity of Fabrics - Narrow Fabrics EN ISO 14704-3
Abrasion resistance (Footwear) ISO 17704
Determination of flex resistance by the Flexometer method ISO 32100
Determination of Coating Adhesion ISO 2411
Determination of the abrasion resistance of knitted footwear garments EN 13770
Color fastness to Rubbing (Footwear) ISO 17700 Method A
Determination of the strength of buckle fastening assemblies In house
Color Migration (Footwear) In house
Bursting Properties of Socks ISO 13938-2
Test methods for whole shoe- Upper sole adhesion ISO 17708
Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break-Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics ISO 1421
Slide fasteners (Zips) - Specification EN 16732
Determination of Tear Resistance- Rubber or Plastics Coated Fabrics ISO 4674-1
Leather Physical and Mechanical Tests - Determination of Extension Set ISO 17236
Determination of Abrasion Resistance- Rubber- Or Plastics-Coated Fabrics ISO 5470-2
Methods for the determination of hygroscopic water-repellent properties GOST 3816-81 (ISO811-81) Part 3
Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products ISO 9237
Toy safety test - Section 8.11 Sharp Edge EN 71-1
Torque test BS EN 71-1 (Matter 8.3.)
Mechanical Safety Test BS 7907 EK B
Formaldehyde (free) ISO 14184-1
Formaldehyde-leather ISO 17226-1
Determination of pH of Aqueous Extract ISO 3071
Determination of pH in Leathers ISO 4045
Determination of Nickel Release from Products Intended to Come into Direct and Prolonged Contact with Skin BS EN 1811+A1 EN 12472+A1
Determination of Total Cadmium BS EN 1122
Determination of Chromium (VI) in leather TS EN ISO 17075-1
Determination of Extractable Heavy Metals BS EN 16711-2
Migration of Heavy Elements (Toxicity) BS EN 71-3+A1
Determination of Total Lead ASTM F963-17 Part ASTM F963-17 Part CPSC-CH-E1003.09.1 16 CFR 1303
Determination of Heavy Metals in Packaging Materials PD CR 13695-1 / IEC 62321
Determination of Cd, Pb, Cr and Hg by EDX -
Determination of Total Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg, Sb, As,Sn) BS EN 16711-1
Determination of Nickel Release-Spot test PD CR 12471
Determination of Azo dyes EN 14362-1
Chemical tests for the determination of certain azo colorants in dyed leathers ISO 17234-1
Determination of Phthalate-Textile products CPSC-CH-C1001-09.4) TS EN 15777
Determination of Chlorinated Organic Careers (COC)-Textile DIN 54232
Determination of PVC by FTIR -
Determination of Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates (APEO) ISO 18254-1/ISO 18218-1
Determination of Organic Tin Compounds ISO / TS 16179
Determination of Isocyanates EN 13130-8
Determination of allergens and carcinogens colorants DIN 54231
Determination of Dimethylformamide (DMFa) ISO TS 16189
Material Analysis by FTIR -
Determination of Perfluorinated compounds CEN-TS-15968
Bisphenol A (contact with food) EN 13130-13
Determination of PAHs -
Determination of Dimethyl Fumarate ISO /TS 16186
Determination of Chlorinated Phenols ISO 17070 LMBG B 82.02-8
Determination of certain flame retardants -- Part 2: Phosphorus flame retardants TS EN ISO 17881-2
Determination of certain flame retardants - Part 1: Brominated flame retardants TS EN ISO 17881-1
Determination of BHT ASTM D4275-09
Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) -
Determination of Benzene Components -
Yarns Unevenness of textile strands -Capacitance Method ISO 16549
Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension (CRE) tester ISO 2062 Method B
Determination of linear density (mass per unit lenght) by the skein method ISO 2060
Determination of twist in single spun yarns-Untwist/retwist method TS EN ISO 2061/ ISO 17202
Determination of linear density of yarn removed from fabric ISO 7211-5
Fiber Analysis ISO 1833
Quantitative fiber analysis AATCC 20A Method 2
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Textile testing laboratories
Linked to specific legislation / standards No
Additional, subsidiary aims Next years, we are planning to use results for certification of reference materials
Number of participants Total number:150 Nearly 20 laboratories for each tests.
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by TURKAK on the basis of TS EN ISO/IEC 17043


Operation is commissioned / requested by No
Fees and frequency
Participation fee 80 usd-Physical-fastness tests/120 Usd-Analytical tests includes courier fee
Regularly operated Yes (Monthly)
Year of first operation 2016
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Taha Giyim Laboratory

34212 / ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 0212 657 55 55
PT Coordinator Tuba YEŞİLYAPRAK
Phone: +90 0212 657 55 55/7006
Email: tuba.yesilyaprak@lcwaikiki.com tuba.yesilyaprak@lcwaikiki.com
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Turkey, Mr. Mustafa BİLAL. Mr. Mustafa BİLAL.
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