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Energy Efficiency and Temperature Test to Pull Down

[Prueba de eficiencia energética en refrigeradores (Eficiencia energética y prueba de temperatura al abatimiento (pull down))]

EPTIS factsheet 491073 | Last revision 2018-06-12 | URL: https://www.eptis.bam.de/pts491073 https://www.eptis.bam.de/pts491073

PT provider
PT provider Metrologos Especializados e Ingenieros Electricos MEIE S. de R.L. de C.V Metrologos Especializados e Ingenieros Electricos MEIE S. de R.L. de C.V
Based in Mexico
Language(s) Español/English
Product groups Electrical / electronical devices
Testing fields Electrotechnics / electronics
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Refrigerador POTENCIA ELECTRICA (EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA) Inciso 9 de la norma: NOM-015-ENER-2012; Inciso 5 de la norma: AHAM STANDARD HRF-1-2008; Inciso 15 de la norma: ISO 15502 (E) Edición 1;
inciso 9 del reglamento técnico Ecuatoriano: RTE INEN 009 (1R); incisos 6.1 y 6.2 de la norma: NOM-022-ENER/SCFI-2014; IEC 62552-1-2 3:2015; NTC 5891 2011-12-14, Numeral 15
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Laboratorios acreditados y en proceso de acreditación
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims
Number of participants 20
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) on the basis of ISO/IEC 17043: 2010

Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee Ponerse en comunicación con el PEA
Regularly operated Yes (2 veces por año )
Year of first operation 2018
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Metrologos Especializados e Ingenieros Electricos MEIE S. de R.L. de C.V
Sur 101A #427

Phone: 76914255
Web: http://www.metrologosmeie.com/ http://www.metrologosmeie.com/
Ing Emmanuelle David Mora Muñiz
Phone: 76914255
Email: edavidmm@metrologosmeie.com edavidmm@metrologosmeie.com
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Mexico, Mr Daniel Morales. Mr Daniel Morales.
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