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EAC - Edible vegetable oil PT scheme

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PT provider
PT provider UNBS Uganda National Bureau of Standards UNBS Uganda National Bureau of Standards
Based in Uganda
Language(s) English
Remarks 1. Edible vegetable oil PT: For labs within the East African Community (EAC) region, they will pay only 220 US$, while for labs outside the EAC region, they will pay 220 US$ + courier charges. Where labs require PT rest portions, and the PT provider can ascertain that the rest portions are still homogeneous and stable enough for PT purposes, the labs may ask for them from the PT provider on pre-payment of US$ 50 + bank charges charged in their own countries + the cost of courier delivery per PT sample matrix. 2. After confirming/registering to participate in the PT round, the PT participating laboratory / institution will be sent a proforma invoice indicating the money payable and the relevant bank details. It is a requirement that the PT participating laboratory / institution makes payment before receiving the PT samples. 3. Each PT round is normally followed by a PT round evaluation & training workshop for the participating labs/institutions that is hosted by one of the EAC PT providing institutions' country on a date that is communicated in advance. Though participation in the workshop is voluntary, it is highly recommended as this event brings together all the participants and other stakeholders, and is an opportunity for learning and networking. 4. Whereas the hosting institution may avail some refreshments such as tea and lunch during the EAC PT round evaluation & training workshop days, the participants attending the workshop have to meet their own costs for travel (air ticket and inland, accommodation, meals, and subsistence) and other incidental expenses.
Product groups Agriculture
Food and drink
Testing fields Analytical chemistry
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Edible oil, vegetable Nickel ISO 8294
Copper ISO 8294
Refractive index ISO 6320
Iodine value ISO 3961
Peroxide value ISO 3960
Moisture & Volatiles ISO 662
Density, relative -
Acid value ISO 660
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants All laboratories that are engaged in laboratory analysis. There are no geographical restrictions to participation.
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims validation of testing methods and also Analytical competence building among the laboratories
Number of participants Currently the number is between 30 and 40 participants per PT round.
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by Accreditation of The EAC PT Scheme is among the priority future plans. on the basis of

The East African Community

Operation is commissioned / requested by East African Community (EAC)
Fees and frequency
Participation fee 220 US$. See Remarks on top of this fact sheet.
Regularly operated Yes (Yearly at the moment though there are plans to increase the frequency in future)
Year of first operation 2005
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
UNBS Uganda National Bureau of Standards
P.O.Box 6329, Plot 2 -12, Bypass Link, Bweyogerere Industrial & Business Park

Phone: +256 417 333 250/333 251/333 252
Fax: +256 414 286123
Web: http://www.unbs.go.ug http://www.unbs.go.ug
Mr Dean Tashobya
Phone: +256 417 333 250/333 251/333 252
Fax: +256 414 286123
Email: dean.tashobya@unbs.go.ug dean.tashobya@unbs.go.ug
If you find any mistakes please contact the responsible EPTIS coordinator in Uganda, Mr Donald Masuku. Mr Donald Masuku.
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