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PT provider
PT provider Quality Associates International Ltd Canada Quality Associates International Ltd Canada
Based in Canada
Language(s) English
Remarks CANSPEX accepts coal samples for distribution through the program only from producers of reference materials that comply with requirements of ISO Guide 35. CANSPEX is a method specific program. It allows participants to compare results from a standard method of test they use in their laboratory with a different standard method of test used in another laboratory. For example for volatile matter in coal results from ISO 562 can be compared with results from ASTM D 3175 or ASTM D 7582. Results a re presented in both tabular and graphical formats. Participants have access to a corrective action program that keeps a record of any corrective action reported.
Product groups Emissions
Petroleum and coal products
Testing fields Analytical chemistry
Environmental protection
Materials evaluation
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Coal Selenium ISO 11723
ASTM D4606
GB T16415
EPA 3051
Mercury ISO 15237
ASTM D3684
ASTM D6414
ASTM D6722
ISO 23380
GB T16659
Ash ISO 1171
DIN 51719
ASTM D5142
ASTM D7582
BSI 1016
AS 1038.3
GB T212
ASTM D3174
DIN 51720
Gross caloric value (calculation) ISO 1928
ASTM D1989
ASTM D2015
ASTM D3286
ASTM D5865
DIN 51900
GB T213
AS 1038.5
Fluorine ISO 11724
ASTM D3761
ASTM D5987
DIN 51723
GB T4633
Chlorine ASTM D2361
ASTM D4208
ASTM D6721
DIN 51727
AS 1038.8
GB T3558
Volatiles ISO 562
ASTM D5142
ASTM D7582
BSI 1016
AS 1038.3
GB T212
DIN 51720
ASTM D3175
Sulphur ISO 19579
BSI 1016
ASTM D4239
AS 1038.6
DIN 51724
GB T214
Moisture, residual ISO 1172
ISO 589
ASTM D3173
ASTM D5142
ASTM D7582
BSI 1016
AS 1038.3
DIN 51718
GB T212
Swelling Index, Free ASTM D720
DIN 51741
ISO 501
AS 1038.12
GB T5448
Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen ISO 29541
AS 1038.3
ASTM D3178
ASTM D5373
DIN 51732
GB T476
Sulphur, forms of DIN 51724
ASTM D2492
AS 1038.11
GB T215
Coal derived ash Loss on ignition ASTM D7648
Trace elements ISO 11723
ISO 23380
ASTM D6357
GB T1574
GB T3058
GB T16658
GB T19225
GB T19226
Fusion Propeties of Ash ISO 540
ASTM D1857
AS 1038.15
DIN 51730
GB T219
Oxides, major and minor ISO 13605
ASTM D3682
ASTM D4326
ASTM D6349
AS 1038.14
DIN 51729
GB T15274
ASTM D2795
Carbon in ash ASTM D6316
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Coal and coal derived ash producers and users as well as regulatory bodies. There are no professional or geographical restrictions.
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims characterisation of reference materials and validation of testing methods and also Identification and qauntification of systematic differences between standard methods of test.
Number of participants 128 total. 126 Coal. 71 Coal derived Ash.
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Recognised by National Institue for Standards And Technology (NIST) on the basis of Screening fitness for purpose candidate coal SRM materials.

Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee $500 US a Year for Coal and $500 US a year for Coal Derived Ash
Regularly operated Yes (2 times a year)
Year of first operation 1973
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Quality Associates International Ltd Canada
6940 Mount Richardson
Sechelt BC VON 3A4

Phone: 604 885 2594
Fax: 604 885 2794
Louis Janke
Phone: 604 885 2594
Fax: 604 885 2794
Email: louisjanke@sympatico.ca louisjanke@sympatico.ca
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