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PT provider
PT provider Smithers MSE Ltd. Smithers MSE Ltd.
Based in United Kingdom
Product groups Package for goods distribution
Pulp and paper
Testing fields Materials evaluation
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Board Puncture resistance ISO 3036
Bursting strength - Board ISO 2759
Paper Basic properties -
Thickness EN 20534
Thickness corrugated board ISO 3034
Grammage EN ISO 536
Moisture Content ISO 287
Strength properties -
Tensile strength -
Tensile strength after immersion in water -
Tearing resistance (Elmendorf) -
Tear growth (Brecht-Imset) -
Compressive strength (short span test) -
Ring crush test (RCT) -
Flat crush resistance (FCT) -
Flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting (CMT) -
Edgewise crush resistance (ECT) Pre-cut/lab cut -
Puncture resistance -
Scott internal bond strength -
Folding endurance (Schopper/Kohler-Mölin) -
Bursting strength paper/board/corrugated board -
Tensile strength -
Tensile stretch -
Tensile energy absorption (TEA) -
Tensile stiffness -
Stiffness properties -
Bending stiffness resonance method -
Bending resistance (75° 15°; 50 mm, Taber) -
Bending stiffness static (5°; 50 mm) -
Bending resistance (15°; 10 mm) -
TSO – Tensile stiffness index MD/CD/Orientation angle -
Surface properties -
Smoothness Bekk -
Roughness Bendtsen -
Roughness Parker Print-surf -
Coefficient of friction static/dynamic -
Coefficient of friction, inclined plane -
Contact Angle 5s/10s -
Structural properties -
Air permeance Schopper/Bekk/Bendtsen/Gurley -
Optical properties -
Optical booklet (inc L*,a*,b* and Rx,Ry,Rz) -
RX/RY/RZ, Illuminant C, UV adjusted -
RX/RY, Illuminant D65, UV adjusted -
ISO Brightness, Illuminant C, UV adjusted/excluded -
ISO Brightness, Illuminant D65, UV adjusted/excluded -
Opacity, Illuminant C, UV adjusted -
CIE Whiteness, Illuminant D65, UV adjusted/excluded -
L*/a*/b*, Illuminant C, UV adjusted -
L*/a*/b*, Illuminant D65, UV adjusted -
L*/a*/b* col. paper, Illuminant C, UV adjusted -
L*/a*/b* col. paper, Illuminant D65, UV adjusted -
Gloss 75°, converging beam -
L*/a*/b*, Illuminant D50, 45/0 -
Chemical properties -
Kappa number -
pH of aqueous extracts -
Alkali reserve -
Residue (ash) at 525/900°C -
Tissue properties -
Single-sheet/bulking thickness -
Tensile strength after immersion in water -
Residual water absorption capacity/time -
ISO Brightness, Illuminant C, UV adjusted -
Stretch at break -
Softness -
Printability properties -
Resistance to picking IGT -
Print penetration IGT -
Print Gloss 60/75° -
L*/a*/b* printed paper, Illuminant D50 -
Optical density -
Linearity of densitometer -
Heliotest -
Ink transfer -
Denison Wax pick -
Miscellaneous -
Water absorption Cobb (paper and board/corrugated board) -
Drainability ("Canadian Standard"/Schopper-Riegler) -
Relative humidity -
Fibre length/width -
Peel adhesion (180°) 20 minutes/24hr -
Low speed release force -
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims
Number of participants
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party
Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee Dependant on tests selected
Regularly operated Yes (6 times per year)
Year of first operation 1976
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Smithers MSE Ltd.
Cleeve Road
KT22 7RU Leatherhead
United Kingdom

Phone: 01372 802000
Fax: 01372 802245
Web: http://www.smithers.com http://www.smithers.com
Mr Geoff Collis
Phone: 44(0)1372 802138
Email: gcollis@smithers.com gcollis@smithers.com
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