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IAC Proficiency Testing for Agricultural Soil Laboratories

[Ensaio de Proficiência IAC para Laboratórios de Análise de Solo para Fins Agrícolas]

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PT provider
PT provider Instituto Agronomico de Campinas (IAC) Instituto Agronomico de Campinas (IAC)
Based in Brazil
Language(s) Portuguese
Remarks This PT is the only one that has tests for nutrients extracted by ion exchange resin, in addition to other traditional soil extractants to characterize soil fertility. Reports are issued every two months and a full annual report is issued in February. All reports are both printed and available for download at the website (http://lab.iac.sp.gov.br). Reference soil samples are supplied upon request with results (mean and confidence intervals) of the tests performed within the EP.
Product groups Agriculture
Soil, sludge, contaminated sites
Testing fields Analytical chemistry
Environmental protection
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Soil Boron Hot water
Sodium Ammonium chloride solution
Cadmium DTPA-TEA
Manganese DTPA-TEA
Organic matter Dichromate solution
Silicon CaCl2 solution
Particle size Densimetry
Sulfur Calcium phosphate solution
pH CaCl2 solution
Phosphorus, available Ion exchange resin
Exchangeable Potassium Ion exchange resin
Mehlich-1 method
Ammonium chloride solution
Exchangeable Calcium Ion exchange resin
KCl solution
Ammonium chloride solution
Exchangeable magnesium Ion exchange resin
KCl solution
Ammonium chloride solution
Exchangeable aluminum KCl solution
Ammonium chloride solution
Exchangeable acidity (hidrogen+aluminum) SMP buffer solution
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants Laboratories of soil analysis for agriculture, including soil fertility (nutrients, acidity, etc) , heavy metals, and particle size caracterization. No geographical restrictions
Linked to specific legislation / standards No
Additional, subsidiary aims Supporting certification by official bodies
Number of participants 138
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party

Accredited by No on the basis of

No. PT started in 1984 to support laboratories that adopted new methods of soil analysis for tropical soils and is continuously running since then.

Operation is commissioned / requested by No
Fees and frequency
Participation fee US$300.00 (R$850,00) - 1 year, 5 rounds per year (20 soil samples per year)
Regularly operated Yes (bimonthly)
Year of first operation 1984
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
Instituto Agronomico de Campinas (IAC)
Avenida Barao de Itapura 1481
13020-902 Campinas, São Paulo

Phone: +55-19-2137-0750
Web: http://lab.iac.sp.gov.br http://lab.iac.sp.gov.br
Dr. Heitor Cantarella
Phone: +55-19-2137-0766
Email: cantarella@iac.sp.gov.br cantarella@iac.sp.gov.br
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