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AOAC International Proficiency Testing Program: For Pesticides

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PT provider
PT provider AOAC International AOAC International
Based in United States
Remarks Contact Details of the PT Provider Provider: AOAC INTERNATIONAL South America Authorized Distributor: MICROBIÓTICOS ANÁLISES LABORATORIAIS S/C.LTDA. Avenida Santa Isabel, 2116 – Barão Geraldo - Campinas - São Paulo Tel: 55 (19) 3289 - 9690/9380 Contact: Alfredo M. Montes Niño -President MICROBIÓTICOS ANÁLISES LABORATORIAIS S/C.LTDA. Tel: 55 (19) 3289 - 9690/9380 Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English presidente@microbioticos.com www.microbioticos.com
Product groups Agriculture
Food and drink
Testing fields Analytical chemistry
Environmental protection
Technical details
Test item Tested property Testing method
Fruits and Vegetables Malathion User Specified
Mevinphos User Specified
Endosulfan, alpha- User Specified
Dimethoate User Specified
Endosulfan, beta- User Specified
Endosulfan sulfate User Specified
Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), all congeners (CAS # 608-73-1) User Specified
Chlorpropham (CIPC) (CAS # 101-21-3) User Specified
Cypermethrin (CAS# 52315-07-8) User Specified
DCPA (Dacthal) (CAS # 1861-32-1) User Specified
DDE, p,p' (CAS # 72-55-9) User Specified
Deltamethrin (CAS # 52918-63-5) User Specified
Dieldrin (CAS # 60-57-1) User Specified
Fenvalerate - Total (CAS # 51360-58-1) User Specified
Methoxychlor (CAS # 72-43-5) User Specified
Myclobutanil (CAS # 88671-89-0) User Specified
Permethrin - Total (CAS # 52645-53-1) User Specified
Quintozene (CAS # 82-68-8) User Specified
Trifluralin (CAS # 1582-09-8) User Specified
Vinclozolin (CAS #50471-44-8) User Specified
3-Hydroxycarbofuran (CAS # 16655-82-6) User Specified
Aldicarb (CAS # 116-06-03) User Specified
Carbaryl (CAS # 63-25-2) User Specified
Carbofuran (CAS # 1563-66-2) User Specified
Oxamyl (CAS # 23135-22-0) User Specified
Pirimicarb (CAS # 23103-98-2) User Specified
Propoxur (CAS # 114-26-1) User Specified
Aldoxycarb (CAS # 1646-88-4) User Specified
Aldicarb Sulfoxide User Specified
Chlorpyrifos (CAS # 2921-88-2) User Specified
Ethion (CAS # 563-12-2) User Specified
Fenamiphos (CAS # 22224-92-5) User Specified
Methamidophos (CAS # 1026-92-6) User Specified
Methidathion (CAS # 950-37-8) User Specified
Monocrotophos (CAS # 7786-34-7) User Specified
Omethoate (CAS # 1113-02-6) User Specified
Parathion (CAS # 56-38-2) User Specified
Phorate (CAS # 298-02-2) User Specified
Phorate Sulfone User Specified
Phosmet (CAS # 732-11-8) User Specified
Azinphos-Ethyl (CAS# 2642-71-9) User Specified
Azinphos-Methyl (CAS# 86-50-0) User Specified
Diazinon (CAS# 333-41-5) User Specified
Fenthion (CAS# 55-38-9) User Specified
Parathion-Methyl (CAS# 298-00-0) User Specified
Aims of the PT scheme
Target group of participants
Linked to specific legislation / standards
Additional, subsidiary aims
Number of participants
Accredited or otherwise reviewed by a 3rd party
Operation is commissioned / requested by
Fees and frequency
Participation fee Contact provider
Regularly operated Yes (3 per year)
Year of first operation
Contact details of the PT provider
Provider Contact person
AOAC International
2275 Research Blvd. Suite 300
20850-3250 Rockvile, Md.
United States

Phone: +1-301-924-7077
Fax: +1-301-924-7089
Web: http://www.aoac.org http://www.aoac.org
Director Testing Programs Arlene Fox
Phone: +1-301-924-7077 x 143
Fax: +1-301-924-7089
Email: afox@aoac.org afox@aoac.org
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